Anne Arundel County's library system is getting a big boost from the county budget, including 8 percent operating budget increase an

Case Study: Advocacy, Grassroots

Client: Library on West is Best

Challenge: Several communities in Annapolis were concerned that their local library might be moved. The county library board was considering whether to move the library to a new location that would be difficult to reach by foot or to rebuild and expand on the existing property.

Representatives from the communities organized to keep the library on West Street, creating the organization Library on West is Best to oppose moving the library.

Solution: We met with representatives of the organization to discuss their goals, set a strategy, and determine tactics that would give us the best chance to keep the library on West Street. We agreed that strong public support and letters of support from elected officials and candidates would improve the likelihood that the library would remain on West Street.

Library Yard Signs We created a website to serve as the clearinghouse of all  information related to  the effort as well the online home  of the petition to show  support for our cause. We went  beyond digital and  included more traditional tactics like  yard signs and  letters to the editor. 

 Results: Through our efforts, we generated media  coverage from the local and state newspapers; garnered  support from local candidates, elected officials, and  community leaders, which lead the library board to vote  unanimously to rebuild on West Street.

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