Case Study: Public Relations

The Client

A large organization in the field of employee benefits wanted to raise its profile with the national media, become a recognized leader in its industry, and secure coverage of its research reports in national media outlets.

The Challenge

My team needed to create a strategy to increase awareness among national healthcare journalists that the client is an expert in employee benefits and workplace health issues.

We were also asked to increase engagement on social media.

The Solution

We met regularly with the client’s communications team and executive leadership team to develop communication strategies and tactics that highlight the strengths of the organization and identified their research reports as highly marketable product to reporters and made their researchers and senior executives available to the media.

My team used national issues like the debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to showcase the client’s research about employer and employee attitudes toward the ACA.

We used info graphics based on the research to illustrate the results of the research and leveraged National Employee Benefits Day, a “holiday” the client created to attract earned media.

Before we could determine which social media tool received the most resources, we first needed to determine where the client’s audience was spending the most time. Our social media audit directed us how to best allocate those resources.


Members of the client’s research team and executive leadership were quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and other leading national media outlets. The info graphics often ran with the articles.

We were able to help the client’s media team build meaningful relationships with leading healthcare reporters. The client is often the first call for a quote or information about topics related to healthcare and employee benefits.

As a result of the social media audit, I determined that the client should concentrate its efforts on LinkedIn but not neglect its presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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